Very relaxed time limit, 40 edited photos delivered in an online private gallery. Styling assistance and client closet are available to you. *Photos will be delivered digitally, included with a print release.

Starting at $395


20 minutes of shoot time, includes 7 beautifully edited images delivered digitally in a private gallery. 5 people max. Additional images available for purchase. Styling assistance available.

Starting at $265

Wedding Collections

-Timeline planning
-Full day coverage
-No limit on edited images
-Engagement session included

*Prices subject to change at any time.

Starting at $2200


What should I expect after booking?

A.Firstly, thank you so much for booking with me!! I cannot wait to capture authentic moments with you. After we have decided on a date I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you a little more. I will then send you a contract and get the date blocked off so I can focus on you.

Where will photos be taken?

A.I LOVEEEEE a good outdoor session since I try every way possible to utilize natural light. I don’t have an indoor studio. So we will either be outside, or in your home, hospital (fresh 48), or at a location of your choice.

What time will my session be held?

A.If we have the option of doing an outdoor session, I shoot during golden hour. So that is about 45-60 minutes before the sun sets. It is the most stunning, warm, and flattering light. So depending on the season, that time changes. We will discuss all the specifics before we shoot. If we are doing a lifestyle shoot, or a fresh 48 it is best to shoot before noon.

When and how will I receive my gallery?

A.After we finish our session I will take the first week going through your shoot (culling) and choose the best, in focus, flattering photos out of the group. I will then take the next two weeks editing those beautiful photos. When I am done editing, I will upload into a private gallery with a shareable link, download, and print purchase availability. I also have flash drives available for an additional cost, if you don’t feel super comfortable technologically. *Between the months of September-December galleries may be a bit delayed. I will always communicate that to you.

Do you travel?

A.Yesssss! I have been many places all around the state, out of the state, and most recently out of the country to shoot a wedding! I will go wherever you need me to go. I do have a mileage fee after 50 miles roundtrip (for weddings) I charge $1.50/mile. For all other sessions I have a mileage fee after I've reached 25 miles (roundtrip) $1.50/mile. I will fly out to you as well, get with me and we can go over pricing deets.

What do we wear?

A.I know how stressful it can be finding the perfect outfit/s to compliment your shoot! Don’t worry at all. I will send you a handy dandy styling guide that hopefully helps you choose what looks most flattering for the shoot. I have also acquired some pieces along the way, trying super hard to build a client wardrobe. Goals for the future is to be able to fully style my clients with my traveling client wardrobe.

Do you offer printing?

A.You will have the option to print right from your private gallery. You will also have the option to purchase other high quality products such as lay flat albums, and photo books, etc.

Do you offer videography?

A.I loveeeeeee videography I am really working on making this part of my wedding packages, and part of my regular sessions. It is hard for me to do both right now! But stay tuned, because I am trying to get things in order to offer those services :)

Can I get copies of unedited raw photos?

A.This is a question I am surprisingly asked often. The answer is no. If you hired me and you enjoy my style, you are trusting me to choose the most beautiful, flattering, in focus shots available to edit. I am sure you can understand any work that is floating around on the web needs to be a precise representation of my work. Unedited photos would not be an accurate representation.

Do you shoot Boudoir?

A.Yes I do! Please shoot me a message and I will give you more details.

Do you offer payment plans?

A.Absolutely. Contact me and we can chat!

Do you do elopements?

A.H to the yes!!! Contact me and we can chat!

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