I’m a storyteller, light chaser, momma, wife, and just all around authentic human being, that craves connection. My life is full of love, chaos, laughter, beauty, flaws and everything in between. I grew up in Michigan in a family full of artists. My childhood consisted of adventure seeking, wandering, daydreaming and dancing. As far back as I can remember there was always music playing. Some of my fondest memories are of my Nana and Papa slow dancing to Frank Sinatra in their living room. I have always seen things as pictures, even when I was young I remember seeing the pines swaying back and forth in the wind, the sunlight shining through speckled across my face and eyes. I vividly remember memories as if they were motion pictures playing in my mind.

I am a creative at heart, I see everything as artwork. I am beyond passionate, maybe a bit fanatical about capturing authentic moments, the real you. There are no rules, no right or wrong way, just you letting life happen and me making time stand still for you.

Family Image by Sheri Angeles